Chosing adoption is a wonderful option to start or grow your family.

Birth Moms – Deciding to pursue adoption for your baby can be a difficult choice. Some birth moms may feel pressured to make a decision without having adequate support to help them think through their feelings.  Exploring adoption options and addressing strong emotions can help birth moms make a well informed decision that is best for themselves and their baby.

Adoptive Parents  Making the decision to adopt a child is an easy decision for some, but not for everyone.  Those who have experienced infertility have experienced grief and loss on some level. It can be beneficial to adoptive parents to explore these feelings and emotions while moving forward into creating a family.

I provide a safe and supportive environment where we can explore all aspects of adoption together. I understand the process from beginning to end and have worked with adoptive parents and birth parents, in agency and private adoptions, providing counseling, support groups, training workshops, and agency collaboration. Together we can find the best path for you to move forward.