What to Expect

Have you lost your happiness or sense of joy? Having difficulty finding your better self?

Trying to start or build your family can be overwhelming.  Over time infertility can have a profound effect on our behavior and relationships, and can cause us to question our identity and self worth. Therapy can provide an opportunity for personal growth, assist in developing coping skills to handle difficult situations, and help you navigate through stressful life changes.

I believe that we are all unique individuals who have the capacity for self-empowerment and personal growth.  My goal is to provide a safe and comfortable place for you to explore, learn, heal and grow.  I provide a collaborative and compassionate approach in therapy that focuses on strengths, self-awareness, support and practical feedback, helping clients to create for themselves a more balanced, harmonious and purposeful life.

When you’re ready, call to set up an initial appointment so we can talk more about how therapy can benefit you.



“We all have an unsuspected reserve inside that emerges
when life puts us to the test.”

                                          – Isabel Allende