Infertility can affect us on many levels.  It can impact us physically, emotionally, socially and financially. It can darken our outlook, affect our behavior and relationships, and even cause us to question our identity and self-worth. Fortunately, therapy can help.

I believe that we all have the inner resources to cope with the challenges that life presents.  My goal is to provide a safe and comfortable place for you to discover your intrinsic power - to help you explore, learn, heal and grow.  I take a collaborative and compassionate approach to help you focus on your strengths, self-awareness and wellness. Together we can work through strong feelings and emotions, lessen anxiety, learn ways to talk about your experience and develop coping skills to help you navigate through the complex journey of family building.



Third-party assistance.  If you're contemplating using an egg (oocyte) donor, sperm donor, gestational carrier (surrogate) or embryo donation, you may be wondering:

- What is the process?

- Is this the right decision for me?

- If using a donor, how will I feel if my child does not look like me?

- How and when will I tell my child about how they were conceived? 

My experience with third-party options is multi-faceted.    As a mental health consultant for ConceiveAbilities, I provide egg donor and gestational carrier evaluations and facilitate gestational carrier support groups in the Houston and Dallas areas.  My involvement and experience in third-party reproduction translates into better information and insights for my clients. Together we can explore your choices and their emotional aspects to see what's right for you.



Choosing adoption can be a wonderful option to start or grow your family. It requires special consideration by all involved.

For birth parents, the idea of adoption can be difficult.  Some may feel pressured to make a decision without having adequate support to help them think through their feelings. Exploring adoption options and addressing strong emotions can help parents make a well-informed decision that is best for them and their baby. 

Those considering adoption can also face unique challenges. If you've experienced infertility, you are familiar with grief and loss. It can be beneficial to work through these feelings and emotions when moving forward to build your family.

I understand the process from beginning to end and have worked with adoptive parents and birth parents, in agency and private adoptions, providing counseling, support groups, training workshops, and agency collaboration.  I provide a safe and supportive environment where we can explore all aspects of adoption together. 

Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.
— Brene Brown